Welcome to Expand The Love

We are a powerful and diverse group of thousands of individuals from south Florida and beyond, who have come together to celebrate life and create a more sustainable world from the inside out.  We honor our diversity and the unique gifts that each of us shares with the world as we recognize the incredible strength of community and collective intention.

We are permaculturists, teachers, mothers, musicians, students, lovers, and heart warriors, who believe that compassion and action are the magic combination that creates transformation in our world.  There are no membership costs to be part of our community, simply a desire to be part of a conscious evolution and a deep knowing that love is the at the center of it all.

We invite you to join our email list, come out to our events and Expand the Love with the world!

With Gratitude,

Valerie Silidker & Eric Dez



The Journey Begins

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Featuring: Val Silidker, MS, Lisa Pumper, Rachel Levy, LMHC, Jiwan Kaur, Moses Love, Keith Fox, Kelly Brookbank, Ira Ohm, Karmen Plasencia, Alina Flor, Rich Gausman, Christian de la Huerta, Jeff Deen, Soulflower Amn, Mukti Michael Buck & Elizabeth Longo.

Let’s begin the New Year together. Join us for an unforgettable journey…